Before diving in to various writing services offered, let’s address the big ole elephant in the room–price.shutterstock_119983759

How much does this guy charge to ply his trade?  The truth?  I don’t have a clue until we discuss your project.

I avoid hourly rates because that’s too subjective and, in my estimation, unfair to you.  An honest man, I’m honest enough to realize that working hourly tempts me (even if only subconsciously) to work slowly.  Instead, I work on a flat rate per project.

Pricing–it’s a flat fee per project.

To create a price, we’ll first need to chat a bit to work out details and specifics and responsibilities.  From there, you’ll receive a solid quote that will remain constant throughout the project.

That means, no add-on’s, no ‘I forgot one thing’, no hidden surchargesOne project, one flat rate.  Guaranteed.

Simple, no?

 Now, services offered…

Services?  Well, I write.  Specifically:

Website Copy

Perhaps you’re website needs updating, reworking, editing, tweaking, or whatever phrase is being tossed around the office.  No problem.  Keywords carefully integrated to maximize SEO?  Metadata?  You bet.

MiStock_000001547478Largeaybe you’re starting from scratch or re-branding or need an entirely new voice on your website.  You got it.  Here’s some recent examples.

My website copy services can include research or I can take your research and sift out nuggets that make for excellent marketing copy.   You can even write a rough initial draft and I’ll apply some professional spit, polish, phrasing, and editing to make it shine and get your customers saying ‘yes’.

How we approach the project is your call.  I’m happy to give you some professional recommendations after we chat.

Click here for examples of website copy work.

 Social Media shutterstock_81998779

Regular blog and social media updates are crucial to keeping your website current and your SEO relevant.  But who really has the time?  I do.

Together, we’ll create a posting schedule that works for your strategy and budget.  Blogs, social media sites (including Facebook and Twitter), and the News section of your website can be regularly updated with professionally-written copy.

All on a budget you can afford.

 Email Campaigns


No, I don’t fix leaky faucets.  However, I do create highly-effective drip email campaigns.

Motivating readers to click is a special talent and one I’m pretty darn good at.  Effective email campaigns must quickly engage, entertain, and motivate towards action.  Get them to click the button–that’s what it’s all about.

Care to take a look at a recent campaign?  Click here.

 Paper Goods

Brochures and direct mail campaigns, e-commerce copy, and advertising materials that work–that’s my game.

Fliers, newsletterMarketing Pieces-page-001s, annual reports, and other nifty things that contain words?  All in my wheelhouse.  I write, remember?  And my entire career has been spent creating effective written copy that motivates and impacts the audience.

Click here for examples of recent work.

Or, even better, click here and let’s chat!

 White Papers

Sometimes the creative word just doesn’t do the trick.  shutterstock_230445391

Instead, you need a professional, authoritative paper outlining a position, explaining a finding, or making a declaration.  Of course, that piece should also motivate the reader to want to learn more about your company.

That’s where I come in.

I’m a professional writer.  So let’s collaborate.  You’ve done the research and you have the facts.  Let me apply writing skills to draft a white paper that makes your organization shine while planting the desire to engage for more information.

Want to see some samples?  Click.


 You know your business.  You have the experience and the facts and the knowledge.  What you lack is time to write about it.   Let me help.

I’ve written blogs and articles for busy executives (always under their name), speeches, and even books.  Nothing better promotes your business or establishes you as a subject matter expert like a published article or your own book.

You’ve always dreamed of putting your ideas on paper.  I’ll assist you in getting them organized, written, and published.

Here’s a few articles that were ghost-written for a client.