“Put up or shut up.”

“The proof is in the pudding.”

“Let’s see what you have.”

Whatever your preferred way of asking, below are recent samples of what I deliver.

 iStock_000001547478LargeWebsite Copy

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RAG Full LogoThis company provides consulting, coaching, classes, and creative services in the insurance restoration industry.  Their goal is to present a professional, above-average image while building instant credibility.

secondadobe white bkd Second Abode targets educated, high-worth individuals to promote care of second homes.  The writing approach was more informative and subtle, designed to minimize hype, maximize trust, and establish credibility as a subject matter expert.

AADC_LogoHRAll American Decorative Concrete is focused on individuals seeking a unique, low-cost franchise opportunity.  As the company is competing with hundreds of other service-oriented franchises, phrases were designed to quickly share pertinent facts while motivating the reader to reach out for more information.

 shutterstock_155355446Email Drip Campaigns

Persuasive, conversational emails that encourage readers to take action are crucial to internet marketing.  Creating trust, building rapport, and leading the reader to take action is an art form.  Let me introduce you to a writing artist.

Below are samples from a 35-email campaign created for national franchisor, All American Decorative Concrete

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Email 1     Email 2     Email 3    Email 4     Email 5     Email 6

 Marketing Pieces-page-001Paper Goods  

Paper goods is one of those all-encompassing terms, meaning everything from brochures to fliers to annual reports.  Basically, I can write any type of advertising copy you need.

Below are samples of advertising materials.

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Second Abode Rentals Quarterly Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1

All American Decorative Concrete e-brochure

Starbuck, Stubb, & Flask e-brochure

 shutterstock_230445391White Papers

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Second Abode Guide to Vacation Rental Ownership

                     Second Abode Guide to Vacation Home Management

                       Delta Disaster Services Top 10 Mistakes Contractors Make with Insurance Companies

                         Delta Disaster Services Top 5 Obstacles to Contractor Success in Restoration


Books.  One of the most effective, yet least utilized, marketing tools for a business or executive looking to become well-known is book publishing.

Most books rarely sell enough to pay the author; thus, the ‘starving artist’ (and those who become freelance commercial writers).  Used as a marketing tool, however, the book is often without equal.

Articles.  Beyond books, having an article published can be an excellent way to spread the word about you and your company.  Articles are always written under your name, with your guidance and input.  What you don’t invest is time.

Below are  articles published for a client in Facilities Manager Magazine 

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Delta Disaster Services Mold Issues in Commercial Buildings

Delta Disaster Services Dealing with Mold Issues