I’m Not Old Enough

Such a weird experience, reconnecting with those I’ve not spoken to since high school (** years ago). I’m not old enough for all these people to be so damn old.


It’s Sad

I’m always amazed and saddened, by those who attempt to build up their own sense of worth by trying to tear down another.  “I wasted my life,” their actions scream.  “How could anyone else have accomplished more?”


“Real curiosity now gets little chance to develop—it’s smothered with information before it can draw a natural breath.”      ~Larry McMurtry

Everything Happens For A Reason

They say that everything happens for a reason. But sometimes that reason is that you’re stupid and make bad decisions.

R.I.P. Common Sense

You know that tingly feeling you get when you meet a new girl that you really like?

That’s common sense leaving your body.


Long ago, a wise person taught me a valuable lesson about the basis of most misunderstandings and the origination of a majority of pains.

ITYTWIT–I Think You Think What I Think.

Because ‘I’ would act or react in a certain way (or think or feel), ‘I’ assume ‘You’ are reacting or thinking or feeling the same way.  And I respond accordingly.

But what if I’m wrong?  What if you’re wrong?  What if neither of us has a freaking clue why the other person thinks or feels or acts the way they do?  Then what?

Practice patience and strive for understanding.  Avoid presumptuousness.  It’s arrogant and condescending, and you might just be incorrect.

That’s what ‘I think.’



Every person you meet leaves tracks.  Some remain in your mind, some in your heart.  Most fade quickly, like letters scrawled on the beach.  Others become permanent as if written in wet cement.

You also leave reminders.  A word, a gesture, an act of kindness or anger or judgment or acceptance—each of these has an impact, whether realized or not.

Be careful where you walk.  Try to leave each life a bit better than you found it.  If you can’t, perhaps travel in a different direction.

Our time here is limited.  Our effect can be lasting.


© Steven T. Chapman, 2017