House Sitting

Hi there…

Steve4I’m Steve–if you go through the rest of this site, you’ll see I’m a freelance writer, consultant and (as of August, 2015) a full time traveler.

Beyond those websites (just click on the links above), visit my LinkedIn profile to view dozens of professional recommendations or my profile (user name TumbleweedTourist) for a dozen reviews of travelers from around the world who have stayed with me.  Scroll to the bottom and you can just read all of my references without going to a different site.

Why Do I House Sit?

Well, after rearing three children as a 24/7/365 single parent, I’m ready to see the world. Until August, I’m only seeking assignments in Colorado (to build references). After that, I’m game (and available) to travel anywhere.

I don’t smoke or do drugs, and have been a homeowner over 30 years.

What Can I Offer?

Fairly handy when the need arises, I’m calm, good in emergencies (and a certified Wildnerness First Responder for medical issues), and very responsible. House sitting allows me to travel in an affordable manner to new locations–travels which I write about and photograph for my website.

IMG_20130709_094122_728I’m clean cut, practice good hygiene, know how to wash dishes, vacuum, and leave a home as if I’ve never been there.

If you have pets, they’ll be treated kindly and gently. Over the years, my family has had dogs, turtles, fish, lizards, snakes (eck), hamsters, and lots of insects.

Thanks…and be sure to scroll down to read all of my references.

Steve Chapman



IMG_20141223_114331_845Naomi Nagler
Rapid City, SD, United States
Stayed with Steve – Positive December 2014
“Steve is an absolutely phenomenal person with a big heart and tons to share. He offered his super comfy couch in beautiful Golden, CO and we had an amazing time! Selij (his awesome adventurous roommate), he and I spend a whole afternoon enjoying a snowy drive through the Rockies. Generous, hilarious, and kind, host/surf with Steve for a great CS experience!”

Kristen Morgan-Davie
Clinton, NY, United States
Stayed with Steve – Positive November 2014
“Steve was one of those hosts I wished I could stay with longer. My partner and I stayed with him for a night, and he was very laid back and welcoming, not to mention incredibly generous. He has great taste in music, and we had some really great conversations! His apartment is clean and comfortable, with equal opportunity for privacy and socializing. We’re so glad we got a chance to meet Steve, and we hope to see him again!”

IMG_20141023_143859_978Fay Li
Tibet, Tibet, China
Stayed with Steve – Positive November 2014
“Steve is 52 with a soul of 25. You will have lots of topics with him if you are open and eager to learn 🙂 He gave me a book and asked me to pass the knowledge onto the other person when i finish, I am already finishing this book and I will give it away to someone interested. Don’t know how far this book will travel in the world. However, the knowledge he taught me, the conversation we had, and the laughters we shared will always be there. OMB! (I don’t think this can go far though). (′ ▽`〃)”

IMG_20141107_195643_740Julieta Funes
San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta Region, Chile
Stayed with Steve – Positive November 2014
“Steve was THE best host ever, he pick me up at the airpot, we went to an amazing concert at denver, he show me around….was great! he is really relax person and a lot of fun!!! By the way…great stories steve jajajajajjaja….i spend a great time whit you….hope to see you again back in argentina :)”

BethanyBethany Grace
Avon, CO, United States
Stayed with Steve – Positive October 2014
“I could not believe how much fun I had, how much I laughed, how deep and meaningful the conversation got, and how at I home I felt in the sixish hours I spent with Steve and another surfer staying with him. He was very gracious to offer his home to me considering I was only going to be there shortly for one night, but wow!!! It was a GREAT time! Definitely a night I will never ever forget and on a scale of one to ten, it was a twelve. Steve is a wonderful guy! Absolutely incredible first experience couchsurfing :)”

IMG_20141012_245100_407Sara Nieft
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Stayed with Steve – Positive October 2014
“Steve was an amazing host! He picked me and my bicycle up from the lightrail station saving my legs from the foothill terrain. We went to the Radical Reels adventure films festival together and he showed me around Golden. He is a great conversationalist and pleasant company. I am so appreciative of his hospitatilty, sharing his home and meals with me! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a kind, interesting couchsurfing friend.”

Niki and James Rust
Canterbury, Canterbury, United Kingdom
Stayed with Steve – Positive October 2014
“Only had a short time to spend with Steve whilst my boyfriend and I were travelling onwards to Utah but Steve kindly let us stay the night at his really lovely apartment just outside of Denver (in a great location to go to the Rockies or to go to Utah).

It was great getting to chat to Steve in the evening and learn just a little bit about his life and travels. He gave us some great suggestions of things to do along our roadtrip, which was fantastic!

All in all, a lovely experience”

IMG_20140930_081303_030Lyudmila Andreeva
Rishon Le Zion, Central district, Israel
Hosted Steve – Positive September 2014
“Thanks you, Steve, too much for hostin us! You have exelent quite appartment! I was too glad to cook for us three normal food lika soup & pasta! And Thank you too much for advicing us to visit GeorgeTown! It’s like a place from cartoone or cristmass movie! We visited a gorgeous shop there with a lot of handmade toys!Thank you.”

IMG_20140915_185850_399Jayme Frantz
Findlay, Ohio, United States
Stayed with Steve – Positive September 2014
“Steve was an outstanding host! He was very friendly and generous with both his time and his home. I think I fell in love with Colorado.”

Lena & Nik 3Elena Zubareva
New York, NY, United States
Stayed with Steve – Positive August 2014
“Steve is a very nice, laid-back and friendly person!!!! We enjoyed our conversations, he is very outdoorsy and knows a lot about the area and hiking and showed us some great beautiful places around! We made a million plans for coming to Denver area again some time to see all the beauty, like the meteor shower:) Thank you again and enjoy couchsurfing:)!”


President, Bell Plumbing & Heating Company
“It is without hesitation that I recommend Steve Chapman and his company for your sales and marketing needs.

Steve has been an integral part of a very complicated cultural transition we undertook at the beginning of 2010. Transitioning an 84-year-old family-owned service company into a strategically-guided sales and marketing organization was full of potential perils, but through both his mentoring and his training Steve has helped guide us away from the pitfalls and towards success. Many companies offered canned approaches to our sales and marketing needs, but none treated us as a unique entity.

One thing Steve did extremely well was get to know our entire organization first before creating truly customized solutions and strategies. He took time to get to know our people, our management team, and our culture before making recommendations and he then guided us every step of the way in practical implementation. We were so impressed with his methodology and business-savvy approach that we consider him a part of our management team and invited him to our weekly staff meetings.

Steve’s recommendations have always been practical, not just theoretical, and are always focused on ROI. In addition to his recommendations and strategies, Steve rolled up his sleeves and conducted weekly training meetings with our entire staff of 67 as well as field training sessions with our technicians.

What began as an intimidating process for us all has evolved into a relatively pleasant and highly successful journey, and Steve has been a key ingredient to our success.”

President, Delta Disaster Services
“Our relationship with Steve has steadily evolved and is one that has benefited our entire organization.

What began as a simple, short-term assignment for customer service training has evolved into Steve becoming a de facto member of our management team. In fact, he is part of our weekly franchise management meetings and has become lead in the development of marketing strategy and tactics.
Steve tends to undersell his abilities, but over time I have come to rely on his advice for marketing, advertising, sales, and training. What has impressed me most was his care in meshing with the personalities of an established management team and the fact that he took time to understand the entire organization before making recommendations. He challenges our assumptions with insight and forethought, and the advice he gives is always tied directly to our goals and to our corporate values.

Taking the lead in creating both our franchise direct mail and internet campaigns, Steve never hesitates to roll up his sleeves to help close a sale, to write copy, or to create a new advertising piece. It was his creative efforts, in fact, that led to the final version of our website:
His understanding of modern marketing dynamics and principles has brought Delta Disaster Services into the world of social media, interactive marketing, automated email programs, CRM, and more. Simply put, Steve is a winner and any organization desiring to create a results-driven, affordable, effective marketing or sales program should get to know him.”

Managing Direction, Team Falcon
“I have worked with Steve in a small franchise system for the last year. He is quite ethical, thorough and customer focused. He was an asset to our team and brings professionalism to any organization.”

Owner, Matt’s Carpet Cleaning
“Steve is an amazing blend of common sense, boldness, and tactfulness. If you are looking to increase your sells he is the person to talk to. As I have worked with Steve he has been more than instrumental, in fact I would say that he has been vital to my success in finding referrals from new offices and increasing my sales.”

Business Development Manager, Delta Disaster Services of Southern Colorado
“Steve is an amazing coach and has enabled helping me to move to the next level in my position. I value his suggestions and always know that if I need help on anything I can count on his professionalism and expertise.”

COO, Attain Technologies
“I have enjoyed working with Steve Chapman. In this demanding business environment we need flexible and collaborative partnerships. Steve was instrumental in shaping that partnership. He understands what it takes to build a program that best fits the business. His attention to detail ensured success and we welcome his continued involvement.”

Solution Specialist, Microsoft
“I worked with Steve as a business partner and found him to be a very intelligent and enterprising businessman. He followed through on all of his commitments and acted with the utmost integrity in all of our dealings. He is dynamic, aggressive and diplomatic and a real pleasure to work with.”

VP of Sales & Operations, Rock Solid Technical Services
“Steve is a very “no nonsense”, “get it done” type of guy…He understands business and runs a tight ship…a technical event that Steve managed…ran like clockwork.”

CEO/Owner, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Southern California
“Steve is a detailed oriented individual who drives immediate results.”

Business Development Manager – Mountain Region, SoftwareONE
“Steve and I partnered on several Microsoft Enterprise Agreements to strategically come up with solutions that empowered our customers. Steve is a very strategic thinker, and looks outside of the box to come up with the best offering for each unique situation. It’s been a pleasure to work with him. His responsiveness, attention to detail, and creativity were of great value to me.”

Business Development Specialist, Delta Disaster Services of Denver
“Steve has been an overwhelming support to me in my own career. He is a wealth of knowledge in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development, and has provided me with a mentorship and direction that has helped make me successful in my respective field of Business Development. I cannot thank him enough for the knowledge, skills and confidence that I have obtained through him.”

President, Delta Disaster Services of Southern Colorado
“I highly recommend Steve for his professionalism and his ability to get the job done. He has assisted in growing my business and coaching my team into being bigger, better versions of themselves. He has a great ability to find individuals strengths and to help those people to use those strengths to be more successful in their positions in our team.”

Tenant Advisory Group, Grubb & Ellis
“In my time working with Steve Chapman, he expressed great leadership and decision-making capability, while retaining the respect and friendships of his employees and colleagues. I have no reservations in recommending Steve…”

President & CEO, Looking Glass Development, LLC
“Steve is an outstanding manager and business partner. His focus is on building long-term relationships and using the very best business practices. He is a strong asset to any organization.”

Owner, Adroit Web Design
“Steve has been a pleasure to work with. He is very knowledgeable in his field, offers his opinion and advice to better his clients, and he is dedicated to helping companies succeed.”

Leadership Development Expert, CMI
“Steve Chapman is a talented guy with a quick mind and great instincts. He is focused like a laser on delivering results. Steve has the ability to connect with his direct reports in a one-on-one manner that brings out the best in their performance. He sets high standards for himself and his team. I’ve had the pleasure of strategizing with Steve regarding the criticality of leadership on several occasions, and have thoroughly enjoyed the passion and intensity he brings to every endeavor. I recommend Steve Chapman without hesitation. He’s a winner!”

VP, Walt Klein Advertising
“Steve is a visionary and strategic thinker and an honest, trusting and loyal partner to work with on any team.”

Executive Director, Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce
“I highly recommend Steve. He is extremely efficient, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and organized and would make a great asset to any organization.”

Corporate Sales Trainer, New Horizons Computer Learning Center
“I first met Steve while conducting a Corporate Sales Manager Training program; I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and understanding of our particular selling system… He had the immediate respect of the other training staff…He exhibited both the qualities of leadership as well as that of a coach to everyone in the training….”

Sr. Content & Training Specialist, New Horizons CLC
“Steve is a motivating leader, strategic thinker, and creative problem-solver. He helps companies succeed and inspires people to achieve their dreams through effective coaching and motivational techniques.”

Owner, Footprint Business Solutions, LLC
“Steve is marketing minded, but also detailed and thorough. He worked through projects and communicated timely and accurately any time concerns arose.”

Government/ Military Account Executive, Dean Evans & Associates, Inc.
“Steve is very intelligent and driven…always been a pleasure to work with.”


Department Assistant at City of Englewood
“It was a pleasure working with Steve. Under Steve’s direction and coaching, I was able to improve my selling skills and to grow professionally. Steve tackles challenges head-on and works with his team to overcome obstacles. Having worked with Steve in the past as well, I can attest to his clear vision, fair leadership and interactive management style. By setting high expectations for his team, they in turn can thrive in any business climate.”