shutterstock_221834251 You know your business.  You have the experience and the facts and the knowledge.  What you lack is time to write about it. 

Let me help.

I’ve written blogs and articles for busy executives (always under their name), speeches, and even books.  Nothing better promotes your business or establishes you as a subject matter expert like a published article or your own book.

You’ve always dreamed of putting your ideas on paper.  I’ll assist you in getting them organized, written, and published.

Books and Articles.  One of the most effective, yet least utilized, marketing tools for a business or executive is book and article publishing.

Most books rarely sell enough to pay the author; thus, the ‘starving artist’ (and those who become freelance commercial writers).  Used as a marketing tool, however, the book is often without equal.shutterstock_197949884

Imagine soliciting a new client.  After the handshake, the presentation, and the handling of objections, competition, and pricing, you hand them a book.  Your book.  There it is in print: your words, your expertise.  And voila–you’re seen as a subject matter expert.  An expert willing to work with them, assuming they are the type client you seek.

Don’t get me wrong, books take a lot of effort, even with a ghostwriter .  I don’t have your knowledge or expertise.  What I do have is the ability to take your scribbles and rough draft and ideas, and craft a book worthy of your business.

Blogs.  You know that blogs boost your web traffic, but who really has the time?  I do.  Visitors to your website want current, relevant content, but who wants the hassle of writing?  I do.  I’ll write your blog, in your voice, and post on a regular basis.

Below are articles published for a client in Facilities Manager Magazine

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Delta Disaster Services Mold Issues in Commercial Buildings

Delta Disaster Services Dealing with Mold Issues

What’s My Process?

Planning & Interviewing Planning
Not a single word is written until I interview you.  We’ll set up a series of 45-minute interviews, each designed to explore your idea, end goal, voice, and much more.  You’re the expert, but before writing I need a clear idea of who you are, what you’re trying to share, and how you want the reader to react.  In short, we plan before I write.
Outlining Outlining
For books or articles, I work from a solid outline.  There will be no surprises in what is written.  Together, we’ll map out the entire strategy–from the outline to the voice of your work to the timeline.  We’ll agree on a complete outline and you’ll be as involved in the writing process as you choose.
Writing Writing
This is where I roll up my sleeves, put on a pot (or three) of dark coffee, and begin the magic (also known as hard work).  Then, I write.  And I write.  And I…you get the idea.  Occasionally, I’ll reach out for clarification, thoughts, etc., but for the most part this stage is where I crawl in to my little writing hole and disappear for a period of time.
Revising and Editing Revising and Editing
Eventually, I emerge from the cave and present the finished product–your book or article.  But, that’s not where the process stops.  You’ll have some suggestions/ideas/revisions and I’m happy to make those.  After all, this is your book or article.  Oh, and it will need editing.  Editing and rewriting are the essence of good writing.