Email Campaigns


No, I don’t fix leaky faucets.  However, I do create highly-effective drip email campaigns.

Motivating readers to click is a special talent, and one I’m pretty darn good at.  Effective email campaigns must quickly engage, entertain, and motivate towards action.

Get them to click the button–that’s what it’s all about.

Persuasive, conversational emails that convince readers to take action are crucial to internet marketing.  Quickly creating trust, building rapport, and enticing the reader to take action is an art form.  Let me introduce you to a writing artist.

Samples From an All American Decorative Concrete 35-email Drip Campaign

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Email 1     Email 2     Email 3    Email 4     Email 5     Email 6


What’s My Process?

Planning & Interviewing Planning
Not a single word is written until we chat, plan out your strategy and goals, and agree on many things.  What kinds of things?  The voice of your campaign (and overall marketing strategy).  Who we’re marketing to.  What you want to come of prospects reading the emails.  And so on.  In short, we plan before I write.
Outlining Outlining
For drip email campaigns, I work from a solid outline.  Every email has a specific purpose.  Together, we’ll map out the entire strategy–from a simple five email campaign to one with dozens or hundreds.  Email campaigns shouldn’t be haphazard.  We’ll agree on a complete outline and you’ll be as involved in the writing process as you choose.
Writing Writing
This is where I roll up my sleeves, put on a pot (or three) of dark coffee, and begin the magic (also known as hard work).  Then, I write.  And I write.  And I…you get the idea.  Occasionally, I’ll reach out for clarification, thoughts, etc., but for the most part this stage is where I crawl in to my little writing hole and disappear for a period of time.
Revising and Editing Revising and Editing
Eventually, I emerge from the cave and present the finished product–your drip email campaign.  But, that’s not where the process stops.  You may have some suggestions/ideas/revisions, and I’m happy to make those.  After all, this is your campaign.  Most writings need an edit.  Together, we’ll finalize the copy before you put it into the universe.