Customer Service, Part 2

The universe must be punking me.  After my ‘you’ve got to be joking’ experience with the bank customer service, this from ‘rhymes with Schmerizon’ about my DEAD phone.

REP:  We need to send you a 16 digit code to verify it’s actually your phone.

ME: My phone is dead.

REP:  Yes, sir. We need to confirm that.

ME:  So when you send and I can’t reply you’ll know it’s not working.

REP:  No, sir. We need you to repeat the 16 digit code so we can confirm the phone is in your possession.

ME:  The phone is dead. Not working. No longer living.

REP:  That makes things difficult.

ME:  I could send you a photo of the corpse.

REP:  Sir?